Hello friend!

Lover of natural light, dessert with black coffee, and playing dress up with my daughter. When I’m not on a photoshoot, I’m usually thrifting, thinking about Christmas, or planning my next travel destination. 


My photography career started nearly a decade ago. I began documenting family and close friends, slowly expanding my business by taking on seniors, events, headshots, proposals, families, and more. Since then, I have refined my focus to engagements, weddings, and all things “love”. Not long into my career, the timeless quality of film drew me in. As I immersed myself in the darkroom, I found medium format film to be my medium of choice. My current portrait process is a combination of film and digital to ensure a quality that is both tangible and reliable. 


My love of love grows with every sweet couple I photograph. I am my best self when I’m hidden behind my camera, carefully documenting each moment of your big day. 


xo, Robyn


Robyn’s work has been featured on a variety of platforms including Grey Likes Weddings and Alabama Weddings Magazine.

F O L L O W  A L O N G